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The Coming Increase of Christ in His House

The Coming Increase of Christ in His House:
Identifying the Fullness of the Gentiles

This book puts forth God's agenda for the Gentile nations, which will result in the nation of Israel returning to Him. He is preparing His Church for the coming increase of the manifest presence of Christ. Donald Rumble shows us that our focus must not be upon the increasing darkness, but upon God's plan for increasing Christ in His house.

As a result readers will find themselves drawn to spend more time with Christ. They will also be inspired to lift up their eyes to look beyond the trials of this life, including the opposition from the enemy and all forms of doubt. This book reveals God's purpose for His Church and gives the reader a Christ-centered perspective on the end times.

The Coming Increase of Christ in His House rests securely on the premise that God is sovereign and He is bringing human history to His stated goal.The future of the Church is glorious, not only with regard to Heaven, but in the years that lie ahead on this Earth.
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Fulfilling the Mystery

FULFILLING THE MYSTERY-Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry in the Book of Revelation
Apostolic ministry is rooted not in men's plans to extend God's Kingdom, but in the iniative, planning, and manifest power of the Holy Spirit.

And in a time of visitation, the Lord often has surprises for us all. So how will we recognize His work? Thankfully, He has promised to bear witness to His activity. Every fact will be confirmed in the mouth of at least two witnesses. Herein lies the call to prophetic minist;ry.

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God's Emerging City

God's Emerging City-
At issue is not whether God will reveal His glory in His followers prior to Christ’s return, but only to what degree He will do so. Some have little faith that God will reveal His Son through His Church more than He already has. To them, there are no prophetic promises left to be fulfilled except Christ’s return. He could come tonight.

There is however, another school of thought, a very different emphasis. The gospel is the power of God to not only save individuals but to change nations. And since Jesus is the heart of the message, the only question is: What and how much has He determined to do before He comes in final devastating judgment?

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Apostolic Prophetic Fondation

The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation
For the past 40+ years of Charismatic renewal, many churches and ministries have been established in the name of the Lord. Some of these have passed the test of time, but much of what has been built has been unto man, not unto God. In The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, Donald Rumble unveils a picture and a plan for building upon the one true foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Ephesian Connection

A study in Ephesians chapter one. “…I urge you to read (this book) with a bended knee and a seeking heart. Fully expect to hear God speak.” Devern Fromke

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Don Rumble has served the Lord in Bible teaching ministry for more than 35 years. He is a Bible teacher on the
ministry team at Saugerties Christian Fellowship, that meets in Saugerties, NY. He is the author of five books - The Coming Increase of Christ in His House, The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, The Latter Day Glory, The Ephesian Connection and Fulfilling the Mystery .

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